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What Stress Does to Your Hormones

What happens if stress gets out of control?

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has classified stress as factor no. 1 for lifestyle related illnesses. Long-term effects of cortisol imbalance are linked to cardiovascular problems (high blood pressure), heart attacks, strokes, pre-diabetes and diabetes, weight problems (especially increased belly fat), brain changes such as atrophy of the hippocampus (where memory is synthesized), depression, suicide, insomnia, and poor wound healing.

Cortisol, your main stress hormone, governs your hunger cravings, digestion, blood pressure, sleep/wake patterns, physical activity, and general capacity to cope with stress.

Your level of energy and focus increases under acute stress, e. g. in a dangerous or challenging situation. This is a natural reaction of your body, as it produces a brief surge in cortisol.

In moderation and when it is infrequent it is healthy and beneficial.

When stress turns in to be chronically, saying that the stress does not stop and therefore the cortisol surge never turns off, the cortisol levels are elevated or they go between too high and too low up and down, within a few hours in the same day.

More and more people get hooked on this hormone imbalance. We drink coffee to get up in the morning and alcohol to fall asleep. We work many hours and late and glorify “busy-ness”.  As a result we often feel anxious, tired, moody and depressed.

On the other hand low cortisol can have equally undesirable consequences. It’s linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, bone loss, burnout and other.

The key is to manage your stress levels and to keep it at a moderate level as much as possible.

How can you do that? Christine Heckel is a qualified Sound Relaxation Coach providing techniques for stress management working with sound and sound vibration to assist people bringing balance and harmony to their system, addressing body, mind and spirit.

Christine is also a distributor for another stress buster – the LifeWave’s Y-age Aeon patch - a clinically tested treatment designed to reduce stress by balancing of the nervous system to promote a feeling of calm.

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