Relax & Rebalance Sound Journey at our 3-hours-Mini-Retreat

Event Date/s: 25 May - 25 May 2023

This Relax & Rebalance Sound Journey is a meditative experience! The healing sounds of the gong and the 12-metal singing bowls will surround you and take you on your own sound of life journey.

The Sound Journey is a powerful way to relax and de-stress from a busy lifestyle, to manage anxiety. and soothing the nervous system. The sounds and frequencies produced literally wash over and through you, clearing away any stuck energies, re-balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and may have a super regenerating effect. 


These sounds can reach us in a way that will lead us to different levels of consciousness. Detached from the constantly flowing thoughts, they may connect us with the natural rhythms of life and open up access to our deeper personal layers  and connect with your sound of life.

The soothing sounds vibrate deep into our body on a cellular level, massaging our internal organs to release deeply seated stress.

In natural peaceful environment we invite you into a state of being where healing can happen much more easily and where all the aspects of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual becomes super receptive and regenerating. 

Join us for our 3 hours Mini-Retreat of Peace and Nourishment for Mind, Body and Soul !



Thursday 25th May from 10.30 h to 14.00 h 

Where: La Villa Esencia, Casares mountains

Cost:    Pre-booking & pre-payment 75€/person including yummy organic snack is essential for planning reasons!


Contact Christine at to confirm your attendance and payment information or call at +34 667 43 88 29.

Thank you! We love to welcome you :-)