Health Support Programme for Body, Mind & Soul with singing bowls - Instructor Training –

Event Date/s: 1 Jun - 10 Jun 2020
Health Support Programme for Body, Mind & Soul using Singing Bowls
This Peter Hess Institute certified Seminar is an instructor training for Peter Hess Sound Massage trained people (Level I - IV). You will learn about a concept you may offer to your clients.


The concept is designed as an ongoing course consisting of 6 modules (135 minutes each) for your clients and patients, which can be adjusted according to needs.
You will experience how singing bowls may be a valuable companion in the day-to-day life. Only a few minutes daily are enough to strengthen health and gain joy of life. This little time helps us to become active creators in our life! - and that is exactly what many of your clients or potential customers want.
I will offer this seminar online using ZOOM. As we address self-application with a singing bowl we do not need a partner to attend, so a perfect solution to keep on training on Peter Hess methods in the days of the lockdown and related restrictions.
Please contact me for further information. I am happy to give you more information on content and cost.
Thank you! I look forward to welcoming you :-)


Prerequisite:        Level I- IV training in Peter Hess-Sound Massage (if you have not completed all levels please contact me)

Seminar cost:      €180 SPECIAL OFFER

Online:                 via ZOOM call 

Dates & schedule:    


1, 3, 8 & 10 June from 10.00 - 14. 00 hrs, Spanish time

For more information please contact Christine Heckel at or call +34 667 43 88 29.

I look forward to welcoming you :-)