Experience a 3 hours Online Seminar on Living in Basic Trust

Event Date/s: 28 Nov - 28 Nov 2020

Cocooning is a fashion word since a few years and has become even more fashionable in this year. It reflects a change in human behavior: a withdrawal into our own four walls - our own cocoon - with complete privacy.

Many of us just want to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Behind this desire we find the longing for a „paradise“. We have an idea of an idyll with the hope for a protected space that conveys a sense of security.

Photo pixabay/janbrokes

Seen in this light, it is also an unconscious return to the basic trust that gives us an inner grounding that helps to restore inner balance, like when we were a small child.

It must be cozy! Only where the environment is cozy a person does feel safe and secure. That is a very important thing in times like now.

I would like to meet this need with this new workshop, which I will offer as an online-seminar using Zoom. This way participants can learn something new on their own or together with friends and family in their very own cocoon, their home, gain experience and do something good for themselves!

You will learn and experience a basic trust sound experience with a pelvic bowl, for self use and as a partner exercise. This central, grounding experience is framed by a sound meditation. You can also participate in the online workshop without a singing bowl. Then you may enjoy the sounds via audio.

Prerequisite:      none

Seminar cost:     €60,00 and free participation for a second person

Online:                 via ZOOM call, you will receive an invitation from me

Dates & schedule: Saturday 28 November 2020 from 11.00 - 14.00 hrs CET

For preparation you need:

  • to experience the optimal effect of the Basic Trust sound experience, we recommend a large pelvic bowl in Peter Hess® therapy singing bowl quality, which I can send you more information on
  • in order to be relaxed I recommend a soft, wider mat for two persons, alternatively: a bed
  • a wafer-thin cotton cloth is needed per person, through which one can see and which fits over the whole body
  • I also recommend 1 yoga bolster or 2 firm pillows per person
  • a blanket to keep you warm

For more information please contact Christine Heckel at ch@christine-heckel.com or call +34 667 43 88 29.

I look forward to welcoming you :-)