With Dr. rer. nat. Bianka Petzelberger

Event Date/s: 24 Jul - 1 Aug 2021

Many Peter Hess-Sound Massage trainees and Practitioners are unsure on how to deal with cancer clients or patients.

For this purpose, not only the theoretical background will be addressed, but a series of partly new sound techniques will be presented, combined and experienced. This way, Sound Massage is even more individually tailored to the needs and wishes of your client or patient.  

During this seminar, we will intensely focus on the holistic effect of sound and sound techniques, as well as on the intention of the sound practitioner.

Seminar content:

-      the different stages of cancer and their conventional medical treatment

-      possible side effects of these therapies

-      Sound techniques for individual sessions

-      Sound techniques for groups

-      Attitude of the Sound Massage Practitioner

This seminar is a Peter Hess Institute Seminar and after successful completion participants will receive a certificate of participation. This seminar will be taught in Spanish and English.

Prerequisite:        Level I- IV training as Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner

Seminar cost:       US$ 480

Online:                  via Zoom 

Due to possible travel restrictions, this course will be offered online via Zoom as well (you will need a practice partner).

In order to cover various time zones, please find the schedule as follows (due to possible slight changes):

Dates & schedule CET:   

1st Day: 24 July
 2021 from 14 -16 hrs and 18- 20 hrs  
2nd Day: 25 July 2021 from 14 -17 hrs and 18 - 21 hrs
3rd Day: 31 July 2021 from 14 -17 hrs and 18- 21 hrs
4th Day: 1 August 2021 from 14 - approximately 17 hrs 

Schedule CST:
Day 1 from 7am - 9am & 10am - 1pm
Day 2 & 3 from 7am - 10am & 11am - 2pm
Day 4 from 7am - approximately 10 am

For more information please contact Christine Heckel at ch@christine-heckel.com or call +34 667 43 88 29.

Bianka and I look forward to welcoming you :-)