Bathing in Sound. Experiencing Harmony & Peace

Event Date/s: 16 Mar - 16 Feb 2023

Nada Brahma - the World is Sound - is an aphorism from the Indian Vedas, which represents the Being, our Being, the Being of Everything using the harmonious interaction of vibration.

This very special event you will enjoy in a special yoga-hammock. One feels like floating through this special Sound Bath, allowing to let go. In addition, the hammock gives you the opportunity to indulge very well and deep into the "being" while Christine will play the gong and singing bowls for you. Let yourself be filled with the divine sounds, be touched and feel the depth and intensity of these instruments.

These sounds can reach you in a way that will lead you to different levels of consciousness. Detached from the constanly flowing thoughts, they may connect us with the natural rhythm of life and open up access to our deeper personal layers.

Don't miss this marvellous event - come and join us! Previous registration is necessary as spaces (hammocks) are limited. 

We love to welcome you!

   16th March from 18.00 h to 19.30 h 

Where:  Eywa Yoga in Puerto Banus, Marbella

Cost:    44.€ per person 

Contact Christine at or call at 667 43 88 29 to confirm your attendance.