Bathing in Sound. Experiencing Harmony

Event Date/s: 16 Nov - 16 Nov 2019

The gong is one of the oldest instruments on the planet and "includes the entire range of tones in the universe" -
(Yogi Bhajan).

The tones and overtones of the gong can reach us in a way that will lead us to different levels of consciousness. Detached from the constantly flowing thoughts, they may connect us with the natural rhythms of life and open up access to our deeper personal layers.

Nada Brahma, everything is sound, is an aphorism from the Indian Vedas, which represents the Being, our Being, the Being of Everything using the harmonious interaction of vibration.

Research and studies show that sounds may support healing while activating the self-healing powers. The individual chakras, energy centres of our body, resonate with different sounds, with the variety of sounds offered we will support and stimulate the chakras and bring energy flow. 

   Saturday 16th November from 13.00 h to 14.30 h

Where: Radiant Yoga, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

Price:  20.€ per person 

Contact Christine at to confirm your attendance.