Sound Evening on Self-Care using a Singing Bowl with the International Professional Association on Sound Massage Therapy

Event Date/s: 14 Jul - 14 Jul 2022

Self-care is a fashion word. But why is self-care so important?

Self care means taking more time for yourself and making sure that you are well - mentally and physically. The focus is on one's own needs and well-being as well as protection against stress and self-exploitation. So it's about being considerate and loving with oneself and being aware of one's own needs and giving them space.

Self-Care has priority, it is not a luxury commodity! We should learn to listen to our body and soul instead of constantly giving priority to other things. Self-care should also be one of your priorities in your everyday life! Because if you constantly put yourself last, you will not be happy.



From her own experience, Christine knows the need for self-care and is using sound for achieving and maintaining balance and harmony in her day-to-day life for herself and her clients.

And so this sound evening offers insights and practical tips related to self-care with sound using a singing bowl. Together we will experience simple, yet very effective, practical exercises and create a wonderful sound space for ourselves. We will close the evening event with a relaxing guided sound journey.

It is recommended to have a singing bowl and a suitable mallet available for the practical exercises.

Participation is FREE. The event takes place LIVE via Zoom for members only, if you are a member you will receive your logon link a day prior to the event.

If you are not a member of the association and interested in joining you may join via Facebook

For more information please contact me.