About Christine

Christine Heckel was born in Germany in 1965 where she spent most of her formative years, undertook professional hotel management training and embarked upon a career in hotel management, reaching the position of Regional Director of Human Resources in Southern Europe for an international hotel chain.

In 2004, she was admitted to hospital suffering from Lyme disease - which manifests itself in rashes, fevers, headaches and depression, but in this case included sporadic partial paralysis – and treated with a cocktail of different antibiotics. Traditional medicine was unable to restore her health, so she turned to natural and alternative therapies for a solution.  Having tried a number of complementary therapies including breathing techniques, yoga and meditation Christine experienced a personal epiphany, she realised that in order to function normally her body needed to regain its equilibrium which could be achieved through alternative therapies and relaxation techniques*.

Since then she has trained in the art of Okada Purifying Therapy, re-birthing, warm water re-birthing, breathing therapy, holotrophic breathing, hypnotherapy and much more. Influenced by Alexander Lauterwasser and Masaru Emoto’s studies on the effects of sound on water, at the beginning of 2009 Christine starting working as Sound Massage Practitioner, specialising in using therapy singing bowls, and in 2011 she qualified as a Sound Relaxation Coach with the Peter Hess Institute. Sound massage helped to balance Christine’s nervous system and adrenal levels, which allowed her to focus on work and even inspired her to learn to play the piano. Today she has regained her quality of life and is more relaxed physically, mentally and spiritually than at any other time in her life. 
Since 2013 Christine officially represents the Peter Hess Insitute in Spain, being the only certified trainer teaching Peter Hess® Sound Methods under the Peter Hess Academy Spain.

Christine’s interpersonal skills, personnel management experience and first-hand knowledge of the debilitating effects of stress and illness have served to foster trusting and empathic relationships with all clients, whether holding a workshop, teaching how to use singing bowls, incorporating singing bowls into your current business or on a one to one basis.

Call + 34 667 43 88 29 or email info@christine-heckel.com to find out about stress prevention and stress management, reduce tension and experience increased energy, motivation and an improved sense of well-being.

*Christine treatments are not intended as a substitute for practical remedies or seeking medical advice from your doctor, they are most effective when used as a complementary treatment.