Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Singing Bowls for health and inner harmony

Nada Brahma translates from Sanskrit to mean Sound is God, which is the perfect starting point to explain the importance – throughout the centuries - of the healing and soothing sounds of the singing bowls, gongs and cymbals in eastern culture.

Sound massage has its origins in the Vedic art, which over the last 5000 years, has been seen as a holistic method of bringing harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit. Acknowledging that also in the western world, sound and vibration are inside us and also in the external world. It is understood that the rich overtones of the singing bowls and gongs can help us bring more harmony into our lives.

A person in a harmonious state is a centred, self-determined person, who is ready to manage and solve daily tasks. Unfortunately, this harmony is often threatened by stresses in all areas of life and everyday stresses can make us vulnerable to illness and impair the quality of our lives.

When this happens, the inner harmony is severely disturbed and you lose your sense of balance. This is where sound massage comes into its own, as a highly effective method for relaxation, removing tensions and blockages in the body and the soul, providing a good basis for the revitalisation and bolstering self-healing.

How does sound massage work?

Simply imagine dropping a stone in a pond and watching the concentric waves spread across the surface, moving each particle of water. Sound massage creates a similar effect in our body, which is made up of around eighty per cent of water. The soothing sound vibrations are transmitted to the body and spread out in waves – it is in effect a ‘cell massage’.

How do you benefit?

In a healthy body, sound massage helps to promote inner harmony, thereby creating a more centred, energetic mind and body, ready to tackle everyday life. Creativity and creative power gain new impulses. With physical, emotional and mental problems, the sound massage may help to free up the symptoms that are caused everyday stress, worries and fears.

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