Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Peter Hess singing bowls

Practicing sound massage using therapy singing bowls involves much more than picking up a bowl and banging it. Derived from an ancient Asian art practiced over many years throughout Asia, Peter Hess, founder of the Peter Hess Institute has worked on perfecting a western method - supported by western science – which is attracting attention throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Having practiced his version of sound massage for more than 20 years, Peter has produced a range of therapy singing bowls designed to support different parts of the body. Bowls of different sizes, weights and sounds are matched to specific areas; head, solar plexus, pelvis, heart, XXL, universal and others.

If you intend to practice at home with friends and family, then you should consider the ‘universal bowl’ which is powerful enough to treat the whole body. The universal bowl measures between 21cm to 22cm in diametre, weighs approximately 1000g and has a thin rim. It also has a wide range of sound vibrations that can benefit all areas of the body. It has particularly intense vibrations which are ideal for reflexology, hand and foot joints.  The strong vibrations resonated throughout the body can be very effective at removing blockages. 

Christine Heckel, a Peter Hess Academy Spain representative and Sound Coach located on the Costa del Sol, is an authorised supplier of the authentic Peter Hess therapy singing bowls. Visit to find out more about the therapy and singing bowls. 

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