Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Stress prevention and management

Stress is a part of everyday life, allowing us to avoid danger but also draining mental and physical resources when confronted by challenging situations. The good news is that the human body is designed to recognise stress and to deal with it accordingly. However, it is possible to build up stress related tension which can lead to distress and a host of medical conditions such as, high blood pressure, chest pains, headaches and insomnia.

Five facts about stress

  • Forty-three per cent of adults suffer from the physical and mental effects of stress
  • Seventy-five to ninety per cent of visits to GPs are for stress related complaints
  • Stress costs US industry more than 300 billion dollars every year
  • Over fifty per cent of emotional disorders are due to chronic untreated stress
  • Stress is one of the main causes for headaches, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, anxiety and skin conditions

Contrary to popular belief alcohol, tobacco and drugs don’t relieve stress they simply mask the symptoms and causes.  Instead of encouraging the body return to a healthy pre-stress state, they prolong the situation and cause more damage.

Peter Hess Sound Massage, using therapy singing bowls, is a modern western version of an ancient Asia treatment which works by sending sound waves generated by the singing bowls through the body.  The sound causes ripples – the human body is made up of around sixty per cent water – which help to clear blockages and rebalance the system, thereby promoting a sense of wellbeing and health.  Christine Heckel, a qualified Sound Relaxation Coach, provides the therapy on a one to one basis or as couples, and she also runs regular workshops for those who would like to learn the skill.

Christine Heckel is also a distributor for another stress buster – the LifeWave’s Y-age Aeon patch - a clinically tested treatment designed to reduce stress by balancing of the nervous system to promote a feeling of calm.

To find out more about sound massage therapy and LifeWave’s Y-age Aeon visit

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