Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Christine Heckel introduces new health treatment to the Costa del Sol

We are constantly bombarded with new health and beauty products claiming to be a miracle cure for aches and pain or an elixir for everlasting youth, yet most seem to lack any kind of scientific validation.

Christine Heckel a qualified alternative health professional has developed a brand new treatment called Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment™ which is based on modern scientific research and ancient Asian know-how. Both schools of thought acknowledge that the body is made up of around 65% water and that water cells can be manipulated by vibrations.

Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment™ is a non-invasive treatment which uses vibrations to relax and purify the cells in your body, thereby stimulating their natural healing properties to allow the body to repair itself.

It is a unique treatment that addresses all cells in the body, using guided vibrations to kick-start the rejuvenation process, inside and out. 

For more information about Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment™ and other types of therapy visit

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