Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Cellular health is the key to longevity

To maintain a healthy body you need to look after your cells and this means providing them with the right conditions and nutrients to allow rejuvenation and self-healing.

As your body comprises a high proportion of water it comes as no surprise that water is a vital element in cellular health, as is oxygen. Cells also need the correct nutritional mix including vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Ideally you should eat as much raw and fresh greens vegetables and whenever possible steam food, as heat can destroy the health enzymes and nutrients.  The green vegetables will help keep the PH balance normal which allows detoxification.

This type of diet comprising mainly steamed and raw foodstuffs with only a small amount of dairy and meat each month is widely followed in Japan, a country which currently enjoys one of the longest life expectancy rates.

Another important aspect of cellular health is vibration.  Your cells are constantly vibrating and each has its own resonance, therefore it’s important to take care that any food consumed is compatible with your normal cell resonance.

Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment developed by Christine Heckel is an effective and non-invasive health treatment used to stimulate your cells from within using vibrations. It works by rebalancing your cells to encourage rejuvenation and to kick-start the self-healing process.

Visit for more information about Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment and other treatment designed to enhance your spiritual and physical well-being. 

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