Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Less stress = More balance

Building a new baseline of heart coherence leaves us more heart-centered and connected in our day-to-day activities and interactions with those we care about. This is a great time to share ways we can reduce stress, increase personal happiness, inner peace and fulfillment by putting our friendships and relationships first.

Control What You Can... and Breathe
We all have moments of worry, yet our care is most effective when we are in balance -- we think clearer, and we're more creative and intuitive. Worry can become an unhealthy emotional habit that acts like a hole in your gas tank, draining your vital energy and certainly robbing you of peace. Next time you find yourself in a mental loop of worry, take a time out -- stop and sit quietly for a just couple of moments. Take a few breaths, a little deeper than normal. Breathe in an attitude of "ease" and breathe out the feeling of worry. Do this for a few moments with the intention that you are creating a new habit of inner ease while letting go of that old unhealthy pattern of worry. (Source: HeartMath)

Christine works with the HeartMath System to measure your personal HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and helps you to reduce stress in your life!

Remember together we can work towards a more relaxed, a more healthy and a more balanced life with happiness, peace and fulfillment.

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