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Quiet the Inner Chatter

It's surprising how much inner chatter runs all day long, much of which depletes our inner peace. For many, the chatter consists largely of self-critical and self-judgmental comments. Negative self-talk lacks the qualities of compassion, love and care and it creates distance between you and inner peace. Try this exercise, start with a 30-minute observation period (increase duration or how often you do it as desired) to build inner awareness. During the 30 minutes pay attention to inner dialogue. Replace old negative views with a new, compassionate inner message. For example, if the negative thought is, "I'm stupid, I should know how to do this by now." Stop that thought and say, "This thought doesn't serve me." Then replace it with, "I'm still learning how to do this. No worries, I'll get it down soon." It may feel a bit superficial to start, but the more you play with this simple practice, the more your feelings and thoughts start to align with a positive and loving inner dialogue. (Source: HeartMath)

Christine works with the HeartMath System to measure and improve your HRV (Heart Rate Variability). 

Using the sound of the singing bowls is a great method to quiet this inner chatter, as it brings us into the Here and Now. Inner chatter is about the past or the future. What is important is the Here and Now!

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