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Relax Your Mind

What does it mean to relax your mind ? 

Relaxing the mind means to quiet our thoughts so that we feel calm and peaceful. This can help us feel better and think more clearly than when we are stressed or anxious.

Why relax?

Relaxing your mind can make you feel calm and peaceful. It can help relieve stress as well as anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems.

Stress is a physical or emotional response to life's changes and challenges. When you are under stress or feel anxious, your body reacts as if it is under attack, the fight-or-flight stress response. Our body releases hormones that speed up our heart rate and breathing and make our muscles tense. Stress also affects our emotions, making us feel moody, tense, upset, or depressed. Toxins start accumulating and manifesting, so over time, stress can affect our health in other ways too. For example, stress has been linked to high blood pressure, sleeping problems, headaches and migraines, stomache problems and back pains.

When you are able to relax your mind and body, your body makes less of the hormones that create stress. The feelings of stress ease, and you return to a state of calm, both physically and mentally. (

Christine Heckel provides effective programs for stress prevention and stress management based on sound therapy with singing bowls, in conjunction with a wide range of holistic methods tailored towards individual needs:

‘I am passionate about Tibetan singing bowls. I enjoy inspiring others to lead a balanced life through sound therapy.’

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