Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Stimulate your partner’s heart this Valentine’s day

The Peter Hess Therapy singing bowl has been developed to deliver healing sounds and vibrations in the form of a ‘sound massage’ using different frequencies and vibrations to refresh different parts of the body.

These singing bowl produce sounds with no background noise or interruptions to the sound and frequency emitted by it. It is also vital to use an authentic singing bowl.  The quality of the bowl has a direct correlation between the richness of sound and benefits felt. Only an authentic bowl produced using traditional materials and methods will provide the relaxing rich harmonic spectrum necessary for complete immersion and relaxation.   

The treatment can be administered at home or by a professional relaxation coach such as Marbella based Christine Heckel, Spain’s only certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage therapist.   to listen to the harmonious sounds of Christine’s singing bowls. 

Peter Hess produces singing bowls based on ancient teachings. Over the last few years the bowls have been improved as a result of intensive study by the Peter Hess Institute to create the ultimate bowls by combining their findings with ancient traditions. 

The small heart is moulded using 12 different metals, measures approx. 16cm wide, 8.5cms high and weighs around 600 to 650 grams. The sound varies depending on the mallet used. It was designed to emit frequencies that address the upper part of the body in both adults and children.

Valentine’s offer – Peter Hess® Therapy small heart bowl

Special price 99€* on order received before 31st January 2015 (usual price 119€)

The big heart is moulded using 12 different metals, measures approx. 21-22cm wide, 8.5cms high and weighs around 1300 grams. The sound varies depending on which mallet is used. The frequencies of this bowl address mainly the upper part of the body. The big Heart Bowl as been developed for the professional usage. 

Valentine’s offer – Peter Hess® Therapy big heart bowl

Special price 205€* on order received before 31st January 2015 (usual price 239€)

Small soft felt and hard mallets are available for 11.90€ and larger ones range from 12.90€ to 14.90€.

* (shippung not included)

Visit for information about sound massage therapy and dates for the next workshops, courses and private sessions. 

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