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Healthy, Fit and Trim - CHANGE IN HEALTH PROGRAM ©

Christine Heckel is a certified Sound Relaxation Coach trained by the Peter Hess Institute Germany, and has developed a 3-step concept “Change in Health ©”, which may be a way to optimal vitality and well-being in just 30 days for YOU. This programme will help you to detox in a holistic way - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our colon is the body’s power house which supplies energy to all of our organs and exerts great influence on the body, thoughts and feelings. The health and vitality stemming from the intestines is gaining broad interest, as evidenced from books such as "Gut Feeling" currently storming the bestseller lists, (Giulia Enders, Microbiologist ISBN-13 978-1771641494).

I recommend the Change in Health © program developed by Christine Heckel, a 30 days Colon-FIT concept combined with relaxing and soothing sound treatments, which greatly supports the detox process as well as help you to become more balanced and strengthened. 

The Change in Health program is easy to follow and easily integrated in your regular day-to-day activities of a modern, busy lifestyle.

For this program Christine uses high quality natural supplements.

Most people finish the program with:

-        loss of weight
-        higher energy levels
-        better sleep
-        more happiness
-        feeling lighter and more flexibility
-        less pains
-        new vitality and well-being

This is what program participants say:

 After a long illness after my father’s death I decided to take control of my body and embarked on a 30-day detox plan supplied by Christine. I immediately felt better in myself, the pains in my body disappeared and I was able to move more freely. I felt nourished and stopped craving for sweet foods. After 30 days I had lost 6 kilos and felt great. I am now on the maintenance programme and would recommend SwissShape to anyone who wants to heal their body inside.”

“A fantastic program I enjoyed to go through. The first days were challenging as I was used to a different eating pattern (namely constantly eating something...), but already after 3-4 days I did not miss anything, but it was easy to follow the program. After a few days discomfort I have had in the middle of my back had disappeared, for me a great result as I have had this for years. Good news that just right for the summer and swimming season the cellulites on my legs were literally minimized and I have much more energy. My friends described me as “You are shining”. So overall very content with fabulous results, I will for sure repeat regularly, at least twice a year. Thank you.”

For further information please contact Christine Heckel directly at +34 667 43 88 29 or write an email to

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