Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Training Certification in Peter Hess ® Sound Massage goes European

More and more complementary therapies and methods are being acknowledged both officially and publicly.

The Peter Hess Institute has set a great milestone over recent years in the sector of complementary therapies collaborating with the Steinbeis University in Berlin. The result is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) for complementary methods/sound-resonance-method.

This education is a practice-related course of studies.

Why complementary methods and therapies as a profession?
Part of the highest good of a society is the individual and collective health of it’s members/citizens. The complementary therapy understands health in a holistic context, which include the physical as well as the psychological, ecological, social and spiritual levels of human life. It’s methods satisfy this complexity by fulfilling preventive and salutogenetic principles oriented to health and healing processes.
This is a complement to conventional medical and therapeutic procedures, which are required by a pathogenetic model and are aligned with the state and process of illnesses.
Complementary methods are oriented towards the individual needs of a person. They develop and strengthen the personal resources and awaken the self-healing powers of the organism.

The sound method used by Christine in 1-2-1 treatments, taught in courses and workshops support the above mentioned. These methods have been developed over more than the last 30 years and stand for quality. 

The sound of the sound bowl reaches our innermost, it touches our soul.

The sound dissolves tenseness, activates self-healing processes and frees up creative energy.

(Peter Hess)

Sound Massage promotes the harmony of a person with him/herself and the outer world. This harmony is threatened by daily stress and often the cause for illnesses. Sound Massage can be a fantastic and very effective relaxation method: during sound relaxation any physical tensions and circling thoughts accumulated from daily stress may be able to rest and be dissolved. This letting-go (on all levels) is a great basis for the revitalization and strenghtening of self-healing forces.

Relaxation and the experience of contentment, wellbeing, serenity and health are closely connected.
Sound Massage can effectively support all this and favor conditions for learning, problem solving and a harmonic life balance.

Christine Heckel is an official representative of the Peter Hess Institute (Germany) and the only Sound Massage Practitioner in Spain authorised to teach under the auspices of the Peter Hess Academy Spain.

Contact Christine Heckel for more information on 1-2-1 treatments, workshops, courses and retreats at or call at 667 43 88 29.

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