Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

NEW: J.O.Y. Emily Hess Sound of Yoga in Spain

Sound Yoga is Yoga combined with different Sound Media (Sound Bowls, Gongs and Mantras)

Here Sound and Yoga come together - a wonderful experience and a special highlight! This is yoga full of joy for the body, soul, and spirit combining sound (singing) bowls, gongs and mantras with Asanas (yoga poses). 

Using Sound Yoga does give yoga classes more depth and allows the participants to let go easily. Various sound bowls, gongs and mantras are used for different Asanas in order to produce harmonising, balancing and energising sound vibrations. These sound vibrations allow a deep muscle relaxation and help to release tension and blockages in the physical body as well as the subtle energy field of a person.

Our own primordial sound in all our tissues, muscles, bones, organs, lymph and nerves is awakened in its depth by the sounds of the sound bowls and gongs. Indwelling life energy in each of our cells is brought into vibration producing a sensual experience. The deep relaxing effect of yoga Asanas may be intensified using singing bowls and the healing frequencies of the richness in harmonic sounds may reach deeply into the fascia. A sensation of security and safety is created. Letting go and regeneration in the entire organisms happens almost by itself. 

In Sound Yoga singing bowls are not only used for meditation but do find an active part in yoga classes. Singing bowls are special instruments with a relaxing rhythm (beat), a healing, enchanting sound space for relaxation.

It is important to use instruments which intensively connect us with our own inner rhythm. The sounds of the singing bowls make deep contact with all of our cells. Research verifies the effect of our special Therapy and Sangha meditation sound bowls.

Sound Yoga gives participants an awesome yoga experience, as stretching on a much deeper level is possible.

In October 2016 we will start with our first EMILY HESS Sound Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Professionals in Marbella.

For further information on the FIRST Emily Hess Sound Yoga Couse in Spain and / or our special Therapy singing bowls and Sangha Meditation sining bowls please contact Christine Heckel, the only representative of the Peter Hess Institute in Germany representing the Peter Hess Academy Spain, at +34 667 438 829, view her website - or email her on


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