Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Health care is easier than cure!

Do you want to start 2018 with a new program? Supporting your health and wellbeing? For more vitality, inner peace and happiness?

Health support in an easy way … Have you ever thought about how to strengthen your health? Have you ever heard about the healing power of sound – relaxation, releasing stress, liberating pain with singing bowls?

Christine Heckel offers a unique health promotion program using authentic therapy singing bowls. It is an easy 6-weeks-program spending only a few minutes daily for your health.

Photo: Peter Hess Institute Germany

During this program, you will experience how singing bowls may be a valuable companion in the day-to-day life.  Only a few minutes daily are enough to strengthen health and gain joy of life. This little time helps us to become active creators in our life!

We have plenty of good wishes for ourselves, which often seems to be difficult to be implemented:

  • do something well for yourself
  • to become free of physical problems and painful thoughts
  • to promote health
  • to achieve clarity and security
  • to achieve goals and tasks safely
  • … and many more wishes

The sound exercises practiced and experienced in this programme will support you realising such desires. The exercises have proven themselves in practice and include many opportunities for self-application and use in everyday life.

Learn more about the newly developed 6–weeks-programme "Health Support for body, mind and soul using a singing bowl". 

Christine is the only official reseller of high quality Peter Hess Therapy singing bowls, made of 12 different metals. She teaches people in workshops and courses on how to effectively integrate singing bowls into the daily life to enjoy its benefits, one of which maybe a better and deeper sleep.


Contact Christine for more information by calling +34 667 43 88 29 or send a message to

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