Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Mindfulness & Stress Management using Imagery & Sound Journeys

In times of covid-19 it is needless to say that many people feel stressed and somehow out of balance not really knowing what is happening and what will happen. 

Nevertheless it is essential that we stay centered, focused and balanced. Christine loves to use guided Imagery & Sound Journeys for this purpose and have had super positive results with her clients, as well during days of lockdown, as she offered LIVE streaming events on Facebook and Zoom.

What is an Imagery & Sound Journey?

Imagery & Sound Journeys use imagination and sounds to frame the story being told. They can have a therapeutic effect as a stress management and relaxation technique, achieving a deep calm and relaxed state. Because reduced muscle tension results into physical and mental relaxation. 

The listener creates or visualizes inner images to go with the story told and thereby integrates pleasant sensations. 

Christine experiences that even people who have usually difficulties visualizing manage to make it happen during an Imagery & Sound Journey. Together it is a very powerful tool to use.


Imaginary & Sound Journeys can help you to relieve burdens like stress, overwork and stimulus satiation, as well as regenerating, recovering, refueling with strength and energy to reach inner balance and therefore motivation and life purpose. 

Listening to Imagery & Sound Journeys regularly may:

… center us 

... balance us 

… energize us 

… purify us 

… bring joy and happiness

… release fears, concerns, doubts

… bring clarity and focus

… so many beautiful benefits and many more depending on the story told. 


Applications by professionals in the working fields may address:

  • fears 
  • concentration increase
  • education
  • psychosomatic therapy
  • back pain
  • insomnia
  • pain
  • Stress symptoms
  • headache
  • tinnitus
  • tension

Imaginary Journeys should not be used with people suffering an acute psychosis.

Christine successfully works with groups as well as for individuals, the Imagery & Sound Journey is targeted at the individual needs.  

We believe it is more than important today that we stay in high vibration and this is why Christine did some FREE Facebook LIVE guided Imagery & Sound Journeys, which are available to on her Facebook page under the video icon:   

And some of the guided Imagery & Sound Journeys are available on her YouTube channel: 

- please feel free to listen to them at any time and share these with friends and family - 


Stay high in vibration and enjoy some FREE guided Imagery & Sound Journeys offered by Christine Heckel

Thank you!



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