Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

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Now is a great time to start a body cleanse, just after the summer with its delicious foods and drinks and just before winter to be prepared for the cold season….

Learn the principles of sound therapy whilst enjoying a sunshine break in Andalucía?

Would you like to learn the principles of sound therapy whilst enjoying a sunshine break in Andalucía? Intensive Course Sound Massage Peter Hess ® – in Andalucía from August 30 to September 05, 2015

Stimulate your partner’s heart this Valentine’s day

What could be more romantic than giving your significant other the gift of wellness, relaxation and balance? You can provide all of these sensual, physical and spiritual benefits by stimulating the heart area chakra using Peter Hess Therapy heart singing bowls.

Mehr Leistungsfähigkeit durch professionelle Klangmassagen

Der Mensch möchte allzeit leistungsfähig sein – Kennen Sie das? Viele Menschen setzen sich jeden Tag neue und oft auch hohe Ziele, es werden Höchstleistung und Resultate erwartet. Hier ist es egal, ob es sich um die Mutter Zuhause handelt, den Manager mit Angestellten oder den/die Selbständige/n mit oder ohne Personal wie auch den Sportler.

The Sacred Power of Sound for the Mind, Body and Spirit

5 Day Retreat 26th -31st October 2014

2015: new course dates for intensive Sound Massage training are published

Be in harmony - Strenghten your health through relaxation with singing bowls. The sounds of singing bowls attract many people instantly. Fascinated, they listen, the sounds seem familiar in a special way.

Relax Your Mind

Why & what does this mean? FREE Listening to a Meditation Video - Relaxed Mind

Que es sonido?

Sonido es parte de la música pero es más que eso.

Learn Peter Hess ® Sound Massage - Intensive Course in Andalucía August 31 – September 06, 2014

Be one of the first learning Sound Therapy with singing bowls and gongs in Spain. A wonderful method to enhance your quality of life by being more balanced, centered and healthy. Sound Massage is often described as a pure energy booster, a massage for every cell of your body, and your entire being... bringing peace within - just wonderful!

Christine talks to Karen McMahon from Mijas International 3.40 TV about her work with the singing bowls

Christine Heckel is an official representative of the Peter Hess Institute (Germany). She is the only sound massage practitioner in Spain authorised to teach under the auspices of the Peter Hess Academy Spain.