Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Christmas offers to make you feel fabulous

Would you like to feel like a new person this Christmas completely rejuvenated for the start of a new year? 

Everyone wants to look their best and to feel great over the party season… and most of us need a little help to recover from the stress and excess, having burnt the candle at both ends. Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment will relax your body and mind and stimulate each cell in…

Stimulating chakras with therapy singing bowls

Adopting a holistic approach to wellness is essential for the equilibrium of the seven chakras, nourishing both the body and the spirit is vital, if you are to enjoy good health. That said, each chakra responds differently to specific food types. For example, the root chakra is nourished by protein rich spicy food, the sacral chakra needs sweetness such as fruit, nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and seeds, the stomach and solar plexus chakras responsible for our self-esteem and self-confidence are best served by cereals, bread and dairy, whereas leafy greens make the heart chakra stronger.

Curso de Masaje de Sonidos fin de semana 16 y 17 de noviembre 2013 en Marbella

Si usted está interesado en aprender los principios básicos de la terapia de sonido ... entonces usted debería considerar inscribirse en el Curso de Masaje de Sonidos con cuencos tibetanos desarrollado por Peter Hess ® que se celebrará en Marbella.

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage (Level I) Courses by Christine Heckel

Christine Heckel, professional Sound Relaxation Coach, holds regular workshops throughout the year for individuals interested in learning the art of sound massage using singing bowls and she has just announced two new dates. If you are interested in learning about the theory and gaining the practical skills needed to practice sound massage therapy... then the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Course will be perfect for you.

Sound Massage at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013 in Marbella

It’s that time of year again…on the last weekend in October (Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th) the H10 Andalucia Plaza hotel in Puerto Banús will again play host to Marbella’s annual Mind Body Spirit Festival; a two day event bringing together people with a passion for alternative therapy and natural remedies.

Anyone interested experiencing the soothing effects of a Sound…

Stress prevention and management

Stress is a part of everyday life, allowing us to avoid danger but also draining mental and physical resources when confronted by challenging situations. The good news is that the human body is designed to recognise stress and to deal with it accordingly. However, it is possible to build up stress related tension which can lead to distress and a host of medical conditions such as, high blood pressure, chest pains, headaches and insomnia.

Peter Hess singing bowls: the pelvic singing bowl

When you experience a sound massage for relaxation, health or spiritual reasons, your practitioner will use a range of different therapy singing bowls; universal, heart and pelvic bowls. As their names suggest, there is a bowl suitable for each part of the body, the size, shape and weight determines the sound and strength of the vibrations. Rich tones and vibrations aside, the bowls are beautiful in their own right and are available varying hues of silver and gold, some shiny, some matt.

Christine Heckel explains ‘heart bowls’

Christine is a fully qualified sound relaxation coach authorised to teach sound massage under the Peter Hess Academy Spain. Peter Hess has spent 20 years studying the theory and practice of sound massage using therapy singing bowls and has perfected the art of producing authentic singing bowls made in varying sizes, shapes and metallic hues.

Peter Hess singing bowls

Practicing sound massage using therapy singing bowls involves much more than picking up a bowl and banging it. Derived from an ancient Asian art practiced over many years throughout Asia, Peter Hess, founder of the Peter Hess Institute has worked on perfecting a western method - supported by western science – which is attracting attention throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Christine Heckel talks about Tibetan Singing Bowls with Dr Susan Phoenix

Personal empathy is just as important as knowledge and practical experience when it comes to practicing successful sound massage therapy. In order to get the maximum benefit, you need to be confident that your practitioner understands you and your problems, and is equally aware of the different sounds and vibrations that the singing bowls will produce.