Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Harmonize body & mind - sound class with singing bowls

English and Spanish guided sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls on Saturday 14th September 2013 at 15.30 pm - 16.30 pm in Fuengirola (Malaga).

Christine Heckel contributes to Costa Women 2013 book

As a successful businesswoman and German expat, Christine Heckel was asked to contribute to the Costa Women 2013 book to be featured alongside a selection of international ladies living and working on the Costa del Sol. The book is a joint initiative written by members of the Costa Women social and business networking group – of which Christine is a member – as a vehicle for members to share inspirational stories and to celebrate diversity, highlighting differences and also the similarities that unite women from all over the world.

Peter Hess Sound Massage (Level I) residential courses in Marbella

Christine Heckel, a certified practitioner with the Peter Hess Academy in Spain has announced two ‘Zen’ weeks to be held in September and October. The courses will take place at a private villa in Marbella, offering a mix of relaxation and workshops catering for German, English and Spanish speakers.

German guided Sound Journey with Tibetan Singing bowls

German guided Sound Journey with Tibetan Singing bowls on Thursday 5th September on Nueva Andalucia Just perfect now towards the end of the summer

A balanced heart Chakra is the key to happiness

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit which translates as ‘energy vortex’ or ‘powerhouse’, which refers to the circular motion of energy which is absorbed and processed by the chakras. They also known as ‘subtle sense’ organs, which respond to vibrations created by our levels of energy and consciousness, feeding from the energy line which runs along the spine, which allows each chakra to supply energy to a specific area of the body.

Singing Bowls for health and inner harmony

Nada Brahma translates from Sanskrit to mean Sound is God, which is the perfect starting point to explain the importance – throughout the centuries - of the healing and soothing sounds of the singing bowls, gongs and cymbals in eastern culture. Sound massage has its origins in the Vedic art, which over the last 5000 years, has been seen as a holistic method of bringing harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit. Acknowledging that also in the western world, sound and vibration are inside us and also in the external world. It is understood that the rich overtones of the singing bowls and gongs can help us bring more harmony into our lives.

Course Peter Hess Sound Massage

Peter Hess Sound Massage with Tibetan singing bowls - end of June in Riviera del Sol. If you are interested in learning the basic principles of sound therapy… then you should consider signing up for the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Courses to be held in Riviera del Sol on the 28th & 29th of June.

Beauty comes from within

Get prepared for the summer and learn more about the importance of staying healthy. DETOX is the key. ...supported by the harmonious and balancing sound vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls and a natural detox supplement from Swissnahrin.

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage (Level I) Course

If you are interested in learning the basic principles of sound therapy… then you should consider signing up for the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Courses to be held in Elviria on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. You will experience sound massage first-hand and familiarise yourself with the theory and practical skills needed to perform sound massages for private use – and upon completion you’ll receive a certificate confirming your attendance. You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications, simply, just the right attitude.

It’s all in the mind: Alpha mode brain waves

If you have ever found yourself daydreaming, watching TV, praying or you are just about to drop off to sleep, your brain has powered down into alpha mode, operating on a frequency that promotes complete relaxation and an alternative awareness.