Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Mindfulness & Stress Management using Imagery & Sound Journeys

As better we feel, as more productive and motivated we are. Christine support you using methods like Mindfulness and Stress Management.

Mehr Leistungsfähigkeit durch professionelle Klangmassagen

Der Mensch möchte allzeit leistungsfähig sein – Kennen Sie das? Viele Menschen setzen sich jeden Tag neue und oft auch hohe Ziele, es werden Höchstleistung und Resultate erwartet. Hier ist es egal, ob es sich um die Mutter Zuhause handelt, den Manager mit Angestellten oder den/die Selbständige/n mit oder ohne Personal wie auch den Sportler.

What Stress Does to Your Hormones

Nothing wrecks your hormones faster than unmanaged stress. We all know that stress is not a bad thing as it helps motivate people to achieve great performance and productivity - while here we are talking about a healthy dose of stress.

Stress prevention and management

Stress is a part of everyday life, allowing us to avoid danger but also draining mental and physical resources when confronted by challenging situations. The good news is that the human body is designed to recognise stress and to deal with it accordingly. However, it is possible to build up stress related tension which can lead to distress and a host of medical conditions such as, high blood pressure, chest pains, headaches and insomnia.