A blissful experience

A blissful experience - the intensive training on Peter Hess-Sound Massage

Christine Heckel is a wonderful teacher and passionately dedicated to spreading the goodness of the tibetan singing bowls. She offers wonderfully tailored courses where one can learn in depth the wonderful art and therapeutic use of the tibetan bowls and she also provides with her loving and compassionate presence, the sacred space necessary to receive this beautiful teaching. With her, one feels at Home and in the hands of a professional and wonderful person.
The Peter Hess intensive international training held in Spain in March 2014 has been a blissful experience, very rewarding in terms of the techniques and approaches learned, also the depth of the transmission and the love and care supporting the students along their personal path of transformation through the sound of the bowls and their powerful effects. I myself had the experience of a profound healing occuring within me and I felt totally supported by Christine expertise and warm heart.

Christine provided a phenomenal translation from German into English, and was really careful to integrate all students from different linguistic backgrounds so they could all receive the best teaching possible. A real treat!

This course is a wonderful experience of self healing and personal transformation and a teaching that will be a life long gift for whomever wishes to embrace the gentle art of massage through the singing bowls. Thank you!...

Barbara Meneses, Counsellor, Life Coach
March 2014