A pleasure and a privilege

A pleasure and a privilege

It has been my privilege and my pleasure to work with Christine on several occasions over the last few years. She is a well-balanced, kind, caring and truly professional therapist who works from deep within her soul as a loving energy field.  She really does inspire others with her passion for the healing sounds that she creates with her Tibetan singing bowls.

As an experienced holistic psychologist I know the power of mind, body and spirit working in harmony. When we are feeling weak and vulnerable we need help from a skilled professional who works with and understands the human energy field. It was a wonderful experience for me to personally feel the vibrational energy from the bowls as it opened and healed my own blocked energies during a time of chronic illness a few years ago. 

I would recommend Christine to anyone, individual or group, who needs to feel whole and rebalanced in this busy world. Her skilled therapy can restore calm and health to an energy field that is out of synch. Using her knowledge of the electromagnetic field, she can change the ambience of a room, a building and of course an individual by adapting the sounds from her beautiful collection of singing bowls to achieve harmony and well-being.

I also know that Christine comes from a well-grounded and very real background of business in several European countries. She has skilfully applied the universally accepted concepts from Eastern healing philosophies to her own scientific knowledge of energy medicine in her sound therapies. Sound has more power than can be physically seen immediately, but in Christine's hands the results can be felt for many months.

Dr Susan Phoenix. (PhD; BSc Hons Css)

Holistic Psychologist and Author, April 2013