Participating in the intensive week training course Peter Hess-Sound Massage

Be prepared for hard work and great rewards!

Christine is a teacher with great knowledge, integrity and wisdom. She is a fun loving, natural communicator who is very approachable and accepting of where her students are at. When she taught the intensive course of Sound Massage she ensured that a perfect learning environment was created through her support, encouragement and enthusiasm. Her style really encouraged our group to open up and share our experiences. I was impressed by how she managed to deliver such a tightly scheduled, extensive course in such a relaxed, spontaneous and joyful manner. As well as learning about sound massage through theory sessions and hands on practice, she ensured we experienced the power of the vibrations through plenty treats; her Gong Baths and Sound Journeys are out of this world! Be prepared for hard work; and great rewards! 

Karen W.
September 2015