Curso Intensivo Masaje de Sonidos Peter Hess en Andalucía

Sonoterapia me ha cambiado mi vida

As a drummer/percussionist I decided to do the course to explore the world of sound therapy and I am so glad that I did because “it changed my life”.  I came to realise how gentle, yet powerful, the Tibetan singing bowls are in order to quieten the mind and restore harmony both physically and emotionally. The course is very well organised and structured in both theory and practice. Immersed in sound and vibrations for a week is an experience which cannot be described in words.

The experience is intense and at times overwhelming and, therefore, requires commitment and effort in order to achieve the final desired certificate as a sound massage practitioner. Both the gong bath and sound journeys were absolute bliss! It was a fantastic week shared with fellow students and Christine was always there to support us in any situation.

I would like to thank Christine for her loving personality, valuable teachings, professional attitude and patience, and for her in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of sound therapy. It was a great pleasure meeting her and without hesitation I would recommend anyone interested in the course to go ahead and join as they would not be disappointed.

Once again Christine, a BIG THANK YOU!!

Alessandro B. en Londres, Octubre 2015