How you can benefit from sound massage

This type of treatment, massage, therapy or you could simply call it a relaxing experience, is suitable for everyone from private home use to professional application.

  • Private use: Personal relaxation and well-being.
  • Wellness and beauty: Beauty comes from within.
  • Massage and physiotherapy: Treat acute physical problems and clear blockages.
  • Medicine (practiced by physicians): Relaxation and pain relief
  • Therapy and psychotherapy (practiced by qualified therapists): Deep relaxation.
  • Other areas of employment (Practiced by qualified experts): Education, retirement and nursing homes, working with handicapped people, speech therapy, palliative care.

Using singing bowls in your home
Here the emphasis is on relaxation and well-being.  It is possible to combat a number of problems by self-application or by sound massage in a circle of family or friends. The sound of the singing bowls relaxes the mind, body and indeed the soul, allowing you to let go of all stress.

You can learn from Christine how to position yourself and where the bowls should be positioned on and around the body. Take instruction on how, when and why you tap the bowls in a certain way and what to expect. Once you are at ease and the bowls are in place you should focus on the sounds and how they flow throughout your body. After a while you can experiment with placing the bowls in different places according preference and allow the pleasant sensations to wash over you.

Wellness and cosmetic use
Singing bowls can help promote a feeling of inner calm, self-confidence and health, which will have a positive effect on your appearance… as the saying goes, beauty comes from within.  Check out Christine’s professional seminars and workshops, designed to provide training for health and beauty practitioners.

If you work in obstetrics, a nursery school, with handicapped or older people, sound massage can help you promote a sense of calm and promote relief. It is also a good therapy to use during palliative care.

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