Christine welcomes you and puts you at your ease

Christine welcomes you and puts you at your ease

I continue to enjoy the experience of Sound Therapy with Christine Heckel who is a fully-qualified,official representative of the Peter Hess Institute (Germany). You can see my previous article on but I would like to update you on my experience so far.

Christine welcomes you and puts you at your ease. She makes sure that you are comfortable with legs supported on the massage table. You are always fully clothed during this treatment so you just need to pop your shoes off. During this cooler winter weather, Christine wraps you in a soft, warm blanket and talks gently to you before you hear the first beautiful vibration of the Himalayan Singing Bowls. I now find that my mind and body connect instantly to this vibration – it not only relaxes me instantly (something I find particularly hard to do) but I also feel the vibration in various parts of my body immediately and even the release of knots in various areas. The great thing is that the effects of the session continue to work long after the treatment has finished. Various parts of my body that were previously completely rigid in contraction are now soft, and the best part of all is that the pain has diminished to the extent that although still uncomfortable at times (hours upon hours sitting in front of the computer do not help much!), I no longer have the need for pain killers. I have found that even faced with stress, that I am far more relaxed now and sleep well at night. Where I was previously absolutely exhausted, I am now able to continue with so much more energy and my mind buzzes with ideas and things I would like to achieve.

Sound massage can help with cervical and shoulder tension, headaches, digestion and abdominal tension as well as aid better, deeper respiration and improve concentration and well as producing inner calm, resulting in a reduction in pain and an increase in creativity and ultimately productivity too. I would highly recommend it.

Christine has likened Sound Therapy to chiropractic treatment – some people just need one treatment and everything is back to what it should be while others present further complications.

Sandra Evelyn Mellule
February 2015