The course itself was one of the best I have attended.

The course was one of the best I’ve attended.

Last month I attended the Peter Hess intensive sound massage course with Christine in Fuengirola. The venue was great; accommodating, comfortable and all round a great space to spend the week.

The course itself was one of the best I’ve attended not only in terms of information given and quality of resources but also in terms of my own healing, introspection and style. Sound really is, if used well, an incredible modality and therapy.

Last but not least, Christine is a great teacher. She was open to sharing her experience and knowledge as well as open to hearing and sharing with all of the participants of the course. I particularly liked the emphasis on reflection and amount of practical application!

Thank you Christine, I am grateful to have met you, the wonderful participants and to have started my journey into sound therapy with you and the group!
Grateful ????????☺️
Tamara Ledesma, Mallorca
February 2024