The transformational power of the singing bowls 7 weeks program

The transformational power of the singing bowls 7 weeks program

This was a beautiful and inspiring journey over weeks with the singing bowls, meditations and guidings. I had the opportunity to experience and integrate more ways to use to singing bowls combined with different topics each week. A wonderful time to realty focus on how I can use the singing bowls for self and others. 

The program provided me also with a lots of different meditations and possibilities. I have wonderful recordings to bring with me everywhere. I got a deeper understanding of how the vibrations and sound effect my body, mind and soul. 

I also loved to meet in the group sessions to hear and share our experiences and meeting people around the world. 

A big thanks to Christine for the amazing work she is doing, and how she is holding us as group and sharing her wisdom and understanding. She is a wonderful teacher and a loving human being sharing a lot of joy, love and light. 

With love Kaja, Norway

May 2024