CDs by Christine Heckel

Relaxed Mind by Christine Heckel & Wolfgang von Boyen

Relaxed Mind

Relaxed Mind is great for relaxation and meditation, for healing, deep sleep, studying and yoga. Allow yourself to come on a relaxing journey. Relaxed Mind is a beautiful medley of a variety of instruments and voice.

This CD consist of 10 tracks and is available as download only for example on CDBaby 

With this music we offer you the sounds and vibrations, which may help you to take time for yourself and clear your mind, to centre and balance.

Just sit in a comfortable position and breath in and out. This tends to slow you down so you can be aware of the harmony of life that is already here. We are all moving too fast .
By breathing naturally in and out, your mind and body will relax and then your mind awakens. The deep relaxing sounds of the singing bowls, gongs and other instruments may help to cleanse the mind.
Allow yourself to come on a relaxing journey, you choose where you want to go and how you want to get there. Enjoy the deep relaxing and harmonious sounds of our singing bowls, gongs, flute, chimes, bells and voice.

Produced by Christine Heckel and Wolfgang von Boyen

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Shinbumei True Civilisation by Christine Heckel (sound only)

This CD is perfect for meditation, yoga, relaxation and massage.

This CD consists of 3 tracks:

Sunrise: A very special time of the day when the sky turns mystic red and orange, creating a truly magical moment, bringing life to all beings.

True Civilization:  Change is always new. Connect with your true nature to enjoy the special and harmonious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. 

These ancient sounds will touch your inner self and connect you with your own personal sound.

Sunset: Another magical time of the day, when the sky is transformed by a spectacular array of colours. Everything comes to an end in peace and tranquillity.

Produced by Christine Heckel

This CD can be purchased as MP3-download by clicking here.


Living Gratitude – transform your life now (guided gratitude meditations)

Did you know that if you practice ‘gratitude’ you can be a healthier and happier person, than if you hold on to negativity?  Practice gratitude and learn how to be grateful for all of the wonderful things and experiences in your life, and you will soon see the benefits.

This CD is designed to help you learn how to be grateful for the positive aspects of your life and to appreciate that even traumatic events can have a healthful effect on your state of mind and well-being.

The first meditation will help you to connect with the concept of Gratitude and enable you to give thanks for all the good things around and inside you, assisted by the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls.

The second meditation will take you on an inspiring Gratitude journey, as you open your heart to all the love and joy that surrounds you and let go of the negative thoughts that impede your spiritual quest.

The third track consists of music created by the singing bowls, an unforgettable sound that will inspire you to create your own Gratitude journey.

Produced by Gratitude Art by: Christine Heckel, Dr Susan Phoenix and Line Lyster.

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