Is your team working at its full potential?  If you are in charge of large department or small team, you’ll know that happy workers are productive workers. This is where the therapy singing bowls rich in overtones can help you achieve greater success, harmony and happiness within the work place, and indeed in your personal life. See glossary of terms.

Taking care of your employees

Sonic waves have a positive energising effect on water and the human body which comprises mainly water.  Which is why sound therapy with singing bowls can help your team feel motivated, healthier, happier and will ultimately enjoy a better quality of life… and increase their productivity at work.  On a purely physical level therapy singing bowls can help to relieve symptoms of stress such as shoulder tension and headaches, by visiting your company to provide therapy at a time convenient to you and your team.

Ask about Christine’s team building courses – they are great fun and extremely effective!

Clean your business

But why stop there, Christine can also help you ‘clean’ and ‘change’ the energy around your business, adding a sense of balance and energy which can help you attract new business. Of course space clearing to create Feng Shui within your business can also be applied to your home.  Ideally you should have at least one space clearing session each year.

Spas & hotels

Would you like to offer your clients a complimentary treatment that will promote relaxation and healing? Every luxury hotel should offer its very own signature treatment, so why not consider providing the ancient, yet innovative sound massage therapy to your guests. Following a mix of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern science, using a mix of quality singing bowls, bells, cymbals and gongs, sound massage can restore balance, energy and good vibrations, making it the perfect accompaniment to all types of yoga. Offering this relatively little known service would offer your clients increased relaxation and energy, whilst creating interest in your business.


Therapy singing bowls can be a useful tool in educational establishments for children of all ages, handicapped and able bodied, and they are equally effected when used on older adults who may not be as coordinated as they once were.  Learn how to use the bowls to provide both physical and mental relaxation on one of Christine’s courses.

Full training and authentic Peter Hess therapy singing bowls can be provided by Christine Heckel, thereby ensuring your clients / pupils enjoy an authentic relaxing experience. 

Contact Christine on + 34 667 43 88 29 to book your course or request further details.