One to one sound massage and holistic body therapy

Solution focused coaching

In the first instance Christine will engage with you on a one to one basis to discover any underlying emotional or physical issues that you would like to be adressed. Alternatively, you may like to learn about relaxation techniques and therapies, or simply to experience the soothing effects of the singing bowls and other natural therapies.

Sound Massage

As a qualified Sound Relaxation Coach Christine offers one to one sessions using therapy singing bowls, the treatment using lasts for approximately one hour. Each session is designed to tune into your body’s vibrations, generating sounds that will communicate with the cells throughout your body.  Physical health and well-being are two sides of the same coin, as all types of noise have an effect on your nervous system from load raucous music that can cause stress to soothing relaxing tones which encourage cells to expel toxicity in order to function normally.

Brain waves are one of the most important tools when it comes to healing the mind and body. Using Tibetan singing bowls help the brain achieve waves which will promote self-healing and harmony, which is often achieved after the first couple of sessions.

Energy Psychology: Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods (ED&TM)

Developed by Dr. Fred Gallo this is a holistic short term therapy which uses a bioenergetics approach which integrates Meridian-Tapping from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the kinesiological muscle testing from applied kinesiology. See glossary of terms.

OPT – Okada Purifying Therapy

Okada Purifying Therapy is considered to be a wonderful way of maintaining health and happiness, because it may bring purification, healing and harmony to your inner self.