Peter Hess sound massage training

Aims of the course

During the training you will learn step by step to give a sound massage for relaxation and increased health for you, your family and your clients in a professional environment.  Learn the techniques of sound massage, discover how each participant reacts differently to what are considered to be same sounds. 

You will learn about the quality and uniqueness of each sound created by different singing bowls, and gain practical experience which will give you the confidence to practice this very soothing and relaxing type of massage.  The course is spread over several seminars, thereby allowing you time to absorb all of the elements involved in sound massage and to understand how to treat the client.

By undertaking a mix of practical experience, theory and additional complementary sound elements, you will learn how sound relates to the clients energy field, psyche, soul, aura and chakra. Having learned the basics and the various techniques, you will practice assessing the clients and administering individual sound massages according to different needs. This is where the personal attitude and empathy of the practitioner is vital.

The principles of the course

  • Mindfulness  -   Less is-more principle
  • Esteem for the individual - Solutions & resource orientated
  • Holistic experience - Addressing body, mind & spirit

There are four diffferent course Level I, II and III & IV (undertaken together) which can be taken as stand alone courses which would be sufficient for personal and home therapy or a series which upon completion would award a diploma equipping you with the qualifications and experience to practice sound massage in a professional capacity.

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