Sound massage brings you harmony and balance

Less stress = More balance

If we want to make better choices and put our personal well-being as a priority, it is important to understand that what we do throughout our day has a direct impact on the quality and effectiveness of our relationships.

What are Imagery & Sound Journeys?

Imagery & Sound Journeys use imagination and sounds to frame the story being told. They are read or related by a speaker and can have a therapeutic effect as a relaxation technique, achieving a deep calm and relaxed state. Reduced muscle tension leads to physical and mental relaxation. The listener creates or visualises inner images to accompany the text, thereby integrating pleasant sensations. In my experience, even people who have difficulty visualising manage to make it happen during the Imaginary & Sound Journey.

Intensiv-Kurs zur Peter Hess-Klangmassage vom 01. - 07. März 2014 in Andalusien

In schöner und entspannter Atmosphäre mehrere Tage im Klangraum zu sein, ist in diesem Seminar möglich. So lernst Du nicht nur Neues, sondern kannst Dich erholen und auch Kraft tanken für Deinen Alltag.

Christine spricht über die Klangmassage

Entspannung durch Klang. Erleben - genießen - erfahren Sie die Klangmassage in Andalusien.

Die Wirkung von Klang

Klang ist eines der ältesten und wirkungsvollsten Heilmittel. Bei allen eingeborenen Völkern sind Singen, Tanzen, Geschichtenerzählen und die Stille Herz- und Leben spendende Geschenke. Sie erhalten die Werte und Traditionen der Menschen lebendig, heilige und heilende Ordnungen aufrecht und bewahren das qualitative Schwingungsfeld des Volkes.

What Stress Does to Your Hormones

Nothing wrecks your hormones faster than unmanaged stress. We all know that stress is not a bad thing as it helps motivate people to achieve great performance and productivity - while here we are talking about a healthy dose of stress.

Cellular health is the key to longevity

To maintain a healthy body you need to look after your cells and this means providing them with the right conditions and nutrients to allow rejuvenation and self-healing. As your body comprises a high proportion of water it comes as no surprise that water is a vital element in cellular health, as is oxygen. Cells also need the correct nutritional mix including vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids...

Christine Heckel introduces new health treatment to the Costa del Sol

We are constantly bombarded with new health and beauty products claiming to be a miracle cure for aches and pain or an elixir for everlasting youth, yet most seem to lack any kind of scientific validation. Christine Heckel a qualified alternative health professional has developed a brand new treatment called Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment™ which is based on modern scientific research and ancient Asian know-how. Both schools of thought acknowledge that the body is made up of around 65% water and that water cells can be manipulated by vibrations.

Christmas offers to make you feel fabulous

Would you like to feel like a new person this Christmas completely rejuvenated for the start of a new year? 

Everyone wants to look their best and to feel great over the party season… and most of us need a little help to recover from the stress and excess, having burnt the candle at both ends. Asian Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment will relax your body and mind and stimulate each cell in…

Stimulating chakras with therapy singing bowls

Adopting a holistic approach to wellness is essential for the equilibrium of the seven chakras, nourishing both the body and the spirit is vital, if you are to enjoy good health. That said, each chakra responds differently to specific food types. For example, the root chakra is nourished by protein rich spicy food, the sacral chakra needs sweetness such as fruit, nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and seeds, the stomach and solar plexus chakras responsible for our self-esteem and self-confidence are best served by cereals, bread and dairy, whereas leafy greens make the heart chakra stronger.